About Us

We strive to establish and maintain an “arm-in-arm" partnership with all our clients.

SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC (SaberOne) was founded in 2015 by Gregory R. and Lynell West. SaberOne was designed to develop and implement customized security programs for individuals and small, medium, and large non-profit, government, and private sector agencies. With over 20 years of combined security experience, we are able provide innovative strategies, and in-house expertise, that focuses on meticulous attention to detail, and by setting standards that are excellent and cost-effective for our clients. We offer services that cover the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

Our focus at SaberOne is to provide the client with a protection organization they will trust. Our staff and officers are required to maintain statutory certifications, and complete frequent in-service training. The highest standards of skills, tactics and physical fitness must be maintained so that we can constantly provide services that exceed industry norms. Our ultimate goal and objective is to partner with our clients to create a relationship instead of only looking to make a business transaction. SaberOne is fully licensed and insured. We work very closely with all public safety agencies, and maintain credible, reliable intelligence resources. The safety and peace of mind of our clients is our driving force. We are at your service!

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Why Choose SaberOne Security

Highly trained professional officers
We follow and enforce security best practices
Timely and responsive personalized customer service
The best value for your security investment

No-one likes to feel unsafe and fearful. SaberOne can help relieve you of that stress.

It has never been more important than now to invest in proper security. It is important that you put the proper safety precautions in place BEFORE an incident happens not after. We are a dedicated security consulting firm committed to delivering safe, cost-effective solutions while preventing, mitigating and reducing risks. Feel free to contact us regarding any of your security needs.