We provide the most integrated and customize services you will find. Our services are built to fit in any security program you might need. From armed and unarmed security professionals, to background checks, investigators, surveillance and much more, we are your one-stop security resource that is here to serve you. Please call us so we can provide you with a quote.

Our Services Include:

Professional Guard Services
SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC offers professional standing guard service. We endeavor to only hire individuals who demonstrate a desire for growth, strong values, and have a commitment to excellence in the workplace. We understand the importance of safeguarding people, assets, and your image, so we work hard to choose the right individual every time.

Cannabis Industry Guard Services
SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC offers physical security solutions to the legal cannabis industry. Our solutions focuses on providing armed and unarmed security for retail locations, grow operations, inventory and revenue transport, compliance oversight, and workplace protection to the medical and adult use cannabis industry in all current and future marijuana-legal markets.  We work within all federal, state and local laws and regulations for the medical and recreational use of marijuana and other cannabis derived products.

Drone Security Services – Coming Soon!!
The drone has become a new surveillance, protection, and security tool which demands an understanding of operational rules and management techniques and asks for experienced pilots and specific knowledge. It’s in this exclusive framework that SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC is looking to offer this unique service.

Mobile Vehicle Patrol Services
SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC will conduct vehicle patrols of your business during specified times or at random intervals. By also incorporating foot patrols of your property, SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC can provide detailed property inspections and provide a secure presence during business and non-business hours.

As a more affordable solution, and for businesses with a small budget, a mobile patrol service may just be the service you need. If you cannot afford to have a security guard assigned to your property for several hours, a random mobile patrol service could be your answer. We would have an officer drive through your property at random times, within the hours you set, in a marked patrol car to protect your property. We will even conduct random foot patrols of your property as well to heighten our visibility and to ensure your property is properly protected.

* Mobile Patrol pricing is based on the amount of businesses that join in your area. The more that join, the cheaper it becomes for everyone!

Alarm Response
SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC will be your first responder for alarm activations, providing property inspections, and law enforcement notification if warranted. SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC provides every customer with detailed written and electronic reports of any and all responses.

Vacation Watch
SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC will monitor your residence or place of business for any duration of time while you are away. Giving you complete freedom and peace of mind without having to worry about your property or business – let us take care of that! SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC will also respond to any alarm activations and coordinate with law enforcement if necessary. As always, we will provide you with complete detailed reports regarding any activity.

Lock/Unlock Business
SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC will secure and lock specified areas of your business, set/reset your business alarm and perform other duties in regards to securing, opening and or closing your business.

Executive Escorts
SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC will oversee your business during the arrival and departure of business executives to ensure their safety. Some examples of this service would be an Officer designated to patrol a parking lot or facility after hours to ensure executives arrive safely to their vehicles. Another example would be the personal escort to or from your place of business of jewelry, valuables, or cash deposits made to a bank or private residence. This service can be provided daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

Parking Control & Enforcement Officer
SaberOne Security Solutions, LLC will patrol parking facilities, garages, and lots, to discourage any illegal activity, enforce any illegally parked vehicles, and provide safety and directions. We work in complete compliance with any Home Owner Association policies and in full accordance to the Maryland, Virginia, and District of Columbia Laws.