Reports of Burglaries and destruction of property at religious sites and private property are on the rise due to the Pokeman Go phenomenon. We knew it was only a matter of time for it to make its way to All Saints Episcopal Church. Officers were able to identify that Pokeman Go was inside the church positioned on the stairs at the Court Street Foyer. We believe that by placing the image at the front door allows Pokeman Go chasers an opportunity to commit burglary into the building knowing the image was just on other side of the door. (see attached photo of image taken from app).

As part of our responsibilities to protect the church and it’s members and staff, SaberOne Security (SOS) will continue to screen the church each night for these images.  We were told by experienced chasers that when the image is retrieved by a chaser it will not reappear, but there were 6 other images in close proximity of the church. These images could reposition inside the church at anytime.





SaberOne Security discovers Pokeman GO inside historic ALL Saints’ Episcopal Church, Frederick , MD.